Law recognises the exclusive right of exploitation, publication and reproduction of their work to the authors of creative and innovative intellectual works pertinent to literature, music, visual arts, architecture, software, theatre and cinematography, etc., (whatever form or way of expression is).
There are several ways of copyright infringement and they are constantly evolving, e.g. the unauthorised released of various contents in Internet.

Authors can take advantage of administrative and legal actions to defend their exclusive rights on their works.

Proceedings is the ordinary way to defend author’s rights and aims to forbid unauthorised use of a work (e.g. photo, music, software, video) besides claim compensation for damages. Alternatively, EU regulates Independent Authorities system, which aims to spot copyright infringements in Internet; this system guarantees effective injunctions in a short time and at lower cost.

For copyright protection is essential to prove:

1. Evidence of title and date;
2. Evidences of infringement;
3. Unauthorised publication or use of the work.

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