Intellectual Property

Trademark identifies companies in the global market as element of quality and reliability guarantee for consumers. Because of its relevance, trademark cannot remain unprotected. Trademark registration allows the title owner to protect … Read More.

Trademark registration allows the title owner to the exclusive use of trademark and the capacity to protect it in a selected area (enforce the trademark).
The title owner has the right to prevent any unauthorised use of the same … Read More.

Design and model application registration allows the entrepreneur to obtain an effective title that allows forbidding any production and/or commercialization of goods/services that are unauthorised … Read More.


An invention that consists of a technical innovation in industry can be content of patent application in order to obtain an effective title by which ensure the exclusive use of it.
The title holder can forbid third parties to produce… Read More.

Law recognises the exclusive right of exploitation, publication and reproduction of their work to the authors of creative and innovative intellectual works pertinent to literature, music, visual arts, architecture, software, theatre … Read More.

If someone registers a domain name identical or similar to your registered domain, name, trademark or registered name, you can take advantage of arbitration that aims to domain name reassignment. This type of ADR… Read More.